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covid-19 faculty expertise

COVID-19 Policy ExpertiseThis is a collection of recent media comments and opinion columns and information from Sanford School of Public Policy Faculty members related to the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

 How Will We Know When It's Time to Reopen the Nation?

05.07.2020 | Wilson Center Now

Will COVID-19 Transform the Global World Order?

featuring: Bruce W. Jentleson
05.05.2020 Newsweek

Coronavirus Is Making the Case for Black Reparations Clearer Than Ever

featuring: William A. Darity
05.04.2020 | The Local Reporter

Challenges Increase for Non-Citizens During the Pandemic

featuring: Nathan Boucher
04.30.2020 | The Economic Times

Combining sampling and testing can be most effective to get the economy back on track

featuring: Manoj Mohanan
04.30.2020 | Government Executive

Getting Stimulus Checks to Citizens

featuring: Lisa Gennetian
04.30.2020 The Washington Post

Antibody tests might be deceptively dangerous. Blame the math.

featuring: Peter A. Ubel
04.30.2020 | Orlando Sentinel

Central Florida Child Abuse Cases Spike During Pandemic

featuring: Anna Gassman-Pines
04.30.2020 Dallas Morning News

As Texas reopens, COVID-19 cases remain high and tests still lag Abbott’s benchmarks

featuring: Mark McClellan
04.28.2020 | American Institute for Economic Research

After the Virus, Universities Will Survive

featuring: Michael C. Munger
04.28.2020 The New York Times

Job or Health? Restarting the Economy Threatens to Worsen Economic Inequality

featuring: William A. Darity
04.28.2020 | World News (South Africa)

Racial Disparities Of Coronavirus Underscore Need For Reparations

featuring: William A. Darity