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covid-19 faculty expertise

COVID-19 Policy ExpertiseThis is a collection of recent media comments and opinion columns and information from Sanford School of Public Policy Faculty members related to the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

 How Will We Know When It's Time to Reopen the Nation?

05.22.2020 The Atlantic

How the Pandemic Silenced the Nation’s Biggest Governor’s Race

featuring: Pope McCorkle III
05.22.2020 | STAT

To test our way out of the Covid-19 nightmare, focus on nursing homes

featuring: Donald H. Taylor, Jr.
05.20.2020 | The Hill

Advocates say state reopenings put nursing homes at risk

featuring: Nathan Boucher
05.19.2020 New York Times News Service

Of the 1,000 Workers We Texted, Nearly All Are in Trouble

featuring: Anna Gassman-Pines
05.17.2020 Cable News Network

Child abuse reports are down during the pandemic. Experts say that's a bad sign

featuring: Anna Gassman-Pines
05.15.2020 | WebMD

Quarantine Having Lasting Impacts on Kids’ Health

featuring: Anna Gassman-Pines
05.13.2020 | New York Daily News

What COVID-19 teaches us about long-term care in America

featuring: Nathan Boucher
05.08.2020 | The Tampa Bay Times

Before the pandemic, our system of elder care was like dry kindling awaiting a spark

featuring: Donald H. Taylor, Jr.