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covid-19 faculty expertise

COVID-19 Policy ExpertiseThis is a collection of recent media comments and opinion columns and information from Sanford School of Public Policy Faculty members related to the novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease.

 How Will We Know When It's Time to Reopen the Nation?

08.02.2020 | The Buffalo News

'It’s not fair of them to risk anything': Covid-19 vs. college football season

featuring: Charles T. Clotfelter
07.31.2020 Cable News Network

These kids are getting left behind when schools go online

featuring: Kenneth A. Dodge
07.30.2020 | NC Policy Watch

Challenges will test students, teachers and parents as they pivot to remote learning

featuring: Kenneth A. Dodge, Leslie M Babinski
07.29.2020 Houston Chronicle

Harris County Jail faces a new threat: Inmates who caught COVID on the outside

featuring: Gavin Yamey
07.29.2020 | CBS17

Coronavirus cases among children rise in North Carolina

featuring: Charlene
07.29.2020 | CBS17

Preparing for online learning ‘a whole new ballgame’ for teachers, students

featuring: Kenneth A. Dodge, Leslie M Babinski
07.28.2020 | WAMU

Low-Wage Workers: The Pandemic’s Forgotten

featuring: William A. Darity
07.28.2020 | The News & Observer

As COVID-19 spread in NC meatpacking plants, workplace complaints piled up

featuring: Matthew Johnson