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Duke University’s activities in Europe reflect a wide range of faculty and student interests. The university offers more than 25 study abroad and civic engagement programs in cities including Belgrade, Berlin, London, Madrid and Paris.

The Sanford School of Public Policy has especially strong European ties. Our Program on Global Policy and Governance offers graduate students summer coursework in Geneva and helps them secure internships with major NGOs and international organizations based there.

Undergrads have taken advantage of the school’s semester-long Duke in Glasgow program since 1982. The program features policy-focused courses and meetings with members of Parliament in London.

Research projects in Europe range from comparative studies in school accountability to an exploration of behavior amongst low-income boys.

MPP Student Maithy Tranphung

"I love a good challenge. To me, life without challenges is mundane. Geneva is a challenge. I spend my days navigating a new environment and culture. My internship pushes me to learn about a field in which I have no prior experience, which is emergency operation. I struggled initially to learn the frameworks and language that forms the foundation of emergency operation. In honesty, I have yet to make a dent in this pool of knowledge. It is a constant battle. Frustration is a part of my daily life here, as I get irritated at myself for making mistakes and not being sharper. However, within that frustration, I find my happiest moments in Geneva. Wait a moment, frustration and happy? How does that work? Well, simply put, I feel myself growing. I cannot put it into words, but I sense myself changing. Changes that are good. It is the mysterious feeling of change and growth that makes me happy." - Maithy Tranphung, MPP '18 


I’m from Turkey, and I worked for the Minister of Finance there before coming to Sanford. It was a good job. It was a hard job, but hard is good. As a government official, you have to deal with difficult, unexpected situations.