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Duke Basketball Player Amber Henson Reflects on Senior Night, Choosing Public Policy

Amber Henson with basketball.

Amber Henson is a key player for the Duke women's basketball team. On the heels of senior night, she reflected on her decision to attend Duke and choose public policy as a major.


Alumnus Profile: Bradley Byrne PPS'77 Strong Roots Shape Congressional Career

As the first in his family to graduate from college, Congressman Bradley Byrne PPS’77 attributes his success to giving every job he has ever had the highest priority, working hard and, most importantly, listening to what others say. He attributes his career in public service to the lessons and tools that he gained during his time at Duke. However, his path to Congress was far from clear-cut. While he was always interested in public service, it was years before he thought about running for office. 


Alumna Profile: Danielle Zapotoczny PPS'96, Creating Stories to Create Change

Danielle Zapotoczny PPS ’96 has used her public policy education in every facet of her career, from managing a film production company to engaging media with policy issues at the United Nations Foundation.


Alumnus Profile: Jack Conway '91 Follows His Heart

Jack Conway '91, at the podium at a political rally

When Kentucky attorney general Jack Conway ’91 stepped behind the podium last March to announce he would no longer defend the state’s same-sex marriage ban, he was, in effect, walking onto the national stage. What caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of online viewers was the catch in Conway’s voice when he discussed the role his wife played in his decision.


In Search of a Home Brew: Sean Lilly Wilson MBA/MPP’00

An MPP/MBA alum shares his experience of creating Durham's Fullsteam tavern and brewery in his quest to capture the flavor of the South.


Mentorship in Health Policy Benefits Future Physician

“One thing that is exceptional about Duke is the way that professors genuinely care and respect students,” said public policy alum Will Woodhouse PPS’14. “I believe Duke and Sanford professors seek to mentor and challenge students in whom they see potential.”


After the Tsunami: Ten Years of Recovery and Resilience

It’s been almost 10 years since the Indian Ocean tsunami killed an estimated quarter of a million people. More than 160,000 died in Indonesia’s Aceh province, where the tsunami wiped some coastal villages completely off the map—removing every building, every road, every bridge, every tree. In some villages, not a single child survived.  Sanford professors Elizabeth Frankenberg and Duncan Thomas began collecting and analyzing data from 30,000 survivors in Aceh soon after the tsunami and are continuing to follow the group today. 


Alumnus Profile: Aleksi Aleksishvili MIDP '04, Fiscal Reformer

Rewriting a nation’s entire tax code might seem like a pipedream to most policymakers, but that’s what alumnus Aleksi Aleksishvili MIDP’04 was able to do for his home country of Georgia. As part of the administration brought into power by the “Rose Revolution,” Aleksishvili was able to institute sweeping tax and economic reforms in his work as Minister of Economy (2004-2005) and Minister of Finance (2005-2007).


Alumnus Profile: Andrew Rosen PPS'82, CEO of Kaplan Inc.

The phrase “higher education” usually conjures images of leafy college quads, imposing stone buildings and school spirit fed by winning sports teams. That image leads to a bad case of “Harvard envy,” and a mismatch between the current system and the educational needs of the majority of the population, according to Andy Rosen, PPS/History '82, chairman and CEO of Kaplan Inc., the for-profit education and test-preparation company.


Q&A with Maeve Gearing, PhD Alumna

Now working the Urban Institute in Washington, D.C., Maeve Gearing PhD’13 took a few moments away from her research to discuss her experience at the Sanford School of Public Policy. Hear from this successful PhD alum in her own words.


MPP/MBA Alum on Sanford and the Southern Experience

Raised near Los Angeles, Calif., Eric Nakano is no stranger to big cities. The fourth generation Japanese-American got his undergraduate degree in political science at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. When he headed to graduate school at age 29, Nakano wanted to experience something new. 


Jen Shen, PhD Candidate, Social Entrepreneur

For Jen Shen and Danny Heller, finding solutions to real-world problems involves looking at them from many different points of view. Shen, a PhD student, and Heller, now an MPP alum, formed Duke Interdisciplinary Social Innovators (DISI) in 2013 as a way for graduate students to work in teams with students in other academic disciplines on community impact projects with local nonprofits.