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Sulzberger Colloquium
@ 12:00 pm

Jonathan Guryan is an associate professor of human development and social policy and chair of the Northwestern's Institute of Policy Research's Program on Education Policy. His work spans various topics related to labor markets, education policy, and social interaction. Guryan's research...

FIRG Seminar Series
@ 4:30 pm

The Center for Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society hosts Barbara Picower, President of the JPB Foundation, on Tuesday, October 3 at 4:30 in the Rhodes Conference Room. The JPB Foundation invests in transformational initiatives that promote the health of communities by creating opportunities...

Archives of Africa, Asia, and the Mediterranean
@ 5:30 pm

A lecture by Prof. Brett Wilson (CEU). Increasing state control over religious institutions has played a pivotal role in modernization projects in Turkey dating back to the early nineteenth century. In 1925, the Turkish state abolished Sufi orders (mystical brotherhoods) and shuttered their...