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SECURITY, PEACE & CONFLICT WORKSHOP: Atsushi Tago (Kobe University)

03.20.2017 @ 1:30 pm

"The Impact of UNSC Authorization on Public Opinion--- What We Can Learn From Multiple Survey Experiments in Japan" Atsushi Tago is Professor of International Relations, Graduate School of Law, Kobe University. His research interests include the American use of military force, the scientific analysis of military coalitions, multilateralism, and public diplomacy. He has published in British Journal of Political Science, Journal of Peace Research, Armed Forces & Society, Conflict Management and Peace Science, International Interactions, International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, and Political Communication. His talk at Duke will be based largely on two papers "An 'A' for Effort: Experimental Evidence on UN Security Council Engagement and Support for US Military Action in Japan," BJPS, co-authored with Maki Ikeda), and "Winning Over Foreign Domestic Support for Use of Force: Power of Diplomatic and Operational Pultilateralism" (International Relations of the Asia-Pacific, also co-authored with Maki Ikeda), with supplementary findings from additional experiments.Professor Tago's talk has been made possible by funding from, and is being co-sponsored with, the Duke American Grand Strategy Program, the Program in Asian Security Studies at Duke University, and the Trinity College Signature Course Program.

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