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Events Panel 2

Sulzberger Colloquium featuring Deborah Vandell
@ 12:00 pm

The research evidence is compelling that early childcare and education can have robust effects on children's academic and behavioral development, but we also know that early childhood programs face challenges that limit their effectiveness. In this lecture, I first examine evidence of the short-...

@ 6:00 pm

Join AGS for a conversation with Jennifer Bryson and Ismail Royer, "Insights Into Extremism: Experiences from a Former Guantanamo Bay Interrogator and a Convicted Jihadist." We will be meeting on January 30 at 6pm in Sanford 04! This discussion will be moderated by AGS Council Co-Chair Matthew...

@ 3:00 pm

Elliott Campbell and Rachel Marks from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will discuss the DNR's new online tool for ecosystem service quantification in a webinar on 3-4 p.m. ET Wednesday, January 31.

The tool, which will be housed on the Greenprint web mapper, displays...

Foundation Impact Research Group Seminar
@ 4:30 pm

Join Professor Joel Fleishman and the President of the Revson Foundation - Julie Sandorf - for a discussion of the role of philanthropy in reviving local journalism initiatives. The Charles H. Revson Foundation is based in New York City and supports programs focused on urban affairs, medical...

@ 6:00 pm

Ben Ferencz (last living prosecutor from Nuremberg): "NUREMBERG TRIALS: Its Impact on International Jurisprudence And Contemporary Human Atrocities." Ferencz comes to Duke for a dialogue with his son, renowned international lawyer, Don Ferencz, and Dean of Case Western School of Law, Michael...