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02.13.2017 @ 3:00 pm
mike feinberg

Events Panel 3

Muslim Europe: African and Asian Diasporas, Migrations and...
@ 12:00 pm

An open ended discussion of archives, research experiences, and the politics of historical research in the North African region.Dr. James McDougall, Laithwaite Fellow and Tutor in Modern History at the University of Oxford, will be giving a public talk as well as participating in the Muslim...

Graduate Conference in Political Theory
@ 4:00 pm
@ 6:00 pm

How can youth in Africa take a leading role in transforming their countries and communities? And how can African governments and UN/World Bank international agencies leverage young people's energy and ingenuity to achieve sustainable development? What practical lessons can we learn from one...

@ 6:30 pm

Please join AGS, the Department of Political Science, and the Triangle Institute for Security Studies in welcoming Rosa Brooks for a talk titled, "How Everything Became War and the Military Became Everything." Rosa Brooks is currently a professor at Georgetown University Law Center, a columnist...

@ 7:00 pm

The Bull City 150 project out of the Samuel DuBois Center on Social Equity at Duke is sponsoring a Black History Month event for Duke students and the Durham Public featuring five short student documentaries on Durham's Black History. The films were made in the Fall of 2016 for the "Video for...