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816 Berkeley St, Unit C
Durham, NC 27705
+1 515 290 8884

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Danielle Vance-McMullen
Teaching Assistant



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PhD, Public Policy (Economics Concentration), Duke University, expected May 2017
MA, Economics, Duke University, 2014
MPA, Nonprofit Management, Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis, 2010
MA, Philanthropic Studies, Indiana University Purdue University - Indianapolis, 2010
BS, Iowa State University, 2005

Current Projects:
(1) Will Proliferation Destroy the Nonprofit Sector? Evidence on the Effects of Competition from the Combined Federal Campaign (Job Market Paper)
(2) The Structure of Nonprofit Competition and Its Relationship to Overhead
(3) Efficiency Among Nonprofit Intermediary Service Providers---Fundraising Before and After Government Service Area Consolidation in the Combined Federal Campaign
(4) Which Nonprofit Industries are the Most "Local"?

Areas of Interest:
Applied Microeconomics
Nonprofit Organizations
Industrial Organization

Representative Publications