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Jenny Y. Park

Project Coordinator, Center for the Study of Risk and Resilience, Duke Center for Child and Family Policy


Jenny Park is a project coordinator in the Center for the Study of Adolescent Risk and Resilience (C-StARR). She began working at the Center for Child and Family Policy in July 2009, initially as a data technician for the QuitAssist™ External Evaluation Plan, before joining C-StARR (formerly TPRC) in January 2010.

During her time at the Center, she has enjoyed assisting on projects such as the Harmonizing Data Sets for Genomic Research and Brain Imaging the Effects of High Sensation Value Anti-Drug PSAs. More recently, Park has helped to coordinate the Overcoming Obstacles to Academic Achievement Project. She also joined Joel Rosch on the development of the database for the Title V State Abstinence Education Plan.

Park graduated from Meredith College with a B.A. in psychology and a minor in child development. She plans to attend graduate school in the near future.