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Dual Degree - Business: MPP/MBA

This three-year MPP/MBA program with either Duke's Fuqua School of Business or UNC's Kenan-Flager Business School is ideal for students who are:

  • interested in highly regulated industries, such as energy, finance and health care.
  • desire to start or run socially responsible enterprises.
  • motivated to complete two challenging programs.

MPP/MBA students are fully enrolled at both schools and have the same support and resources as any other MPP or MBA student. 39 credits of MPP coursework are required. The GRE is not required for dual degree MPP/MBA applicants; the GMAT can be substituted.

"There's incredible value in coupling these degrees if you think you'll likely work in the private sector like me. It gives you the MBA and all its benefits while also specializing in a specific field and demonstrating your seriousness in that area. The MBA will give you a business-skills advantage over the MPPs, while the MPP degree will be the edge over all the other generic MBAs by showing you're seriously committed to your specific field."—Cameron Davis MPP/MBA'11

Eric Nakano MPP/MBA'14 portrait“I wanted to learn the language of business and management. The dual degree gave me the chance to go further in depth in the areas of accounting and finance. Fuqua also allowed me to meet even more people from different industries and countries.”—Eric Nakano MPP/MBA'14 Learn more about why Eric chose Sanford.

Please note that separate applications are required for dual degree programs. For specific application procedures and information on the MPP program, please refer to the MPP admissions page. Visit Duke's Fuqua web site and UNC's Kenan-Flager web site for information about applying to those programs.