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History Electives

Note that not all history courses at Duke satisfy the Public Policy Major's history elective requirement. These current courses do:

Summer I 2018

HISTORY 166S-01 (2145) Gateway Seminar: Anarchism and its Discontents, Martin Miller

HISTORY 279-01 (2147) Modern Terrorism, Martin Miller

History Electives Fall 2018

PUBPOL 187FS(4449)/HISTORY 127FS-01 (4448) Globalization/Corporate Citizenship, Dirk Philipsen

PUBPOL 220 (9680)/HISTORY 352-01 (9679) Immigrant Dreams/ US Realities, Gunther Peck

PUBPOL 284-01(10166)/HISTORY 325.01(10171) Denial, Faith, Reason, Dirk Philipsen

PUBPOL 345S -01 (9682)/HISTORY 389S-01 (9681) Family Rights/Human Rights, Sarah Deutsch

HISTORY 130D-001 (6377) American Dreams/American, Gerald Wilson

HISTORY 156S-01 (6382) Gateway Seminar: Cold War America, Nancy MacLean

HISTORY 279-01 (6393) Modern Terrorism, Martin Miller

HISTORY 299-01 (6396) Women and Popular Culture, Laura Edwards

HISTORY 305-01 (9078) History of International Financial and Monetary Crisis, Giovanni Zanalda

HISTORY 311S-01 (6397) Men, Women, and Sports: Topics in US Sports History, Sarah Deutsch

HISTORY 330-01 (6403) Introduction to Contemporary Latin America, Jocelyn Olcott

HISTORY 335-01 (6404) United States Legal History, Laura Edwards

HISTORY 343-01 (6406) The History of Modern America, Nancy MacLean

HISTORY 348-01 (6407) Civil Rights Movement, Adriane Lentz-Smith

HISTORY 371-01 (6409) Feast and Famine: Food in Global History, Margaret Humphreys

HISTORY 468S-01 (6433) Capstone Seminar: Literature & Terrorism, Martin Miller

HISTORY 470S-01 (6434) Capstone Seminar: Leadership in American History, Gerald Wilson