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Panel Examines Role of Rising Polarization in Trump Victory

A panel discussion on the eve of the presidential inaugural looked at how political polarization hardened during the Obama administration and enabled Donald Trump’s victory.


The Link Between "Lived Life" Experiences and Health (Policy 360 Podcast)

glucose meter

Can it be physically damaging to be African American? Assistant Professor Jay Pearson says there's chromosomal evidence that our bodies react to a combination of ethnicity stress and socioeconomic status.


Event Series Helps Launch 'Purple Project: Bridging Red and Blue America'

map of the united states

During the presidential inaugural week, Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy will host a series of four events Jan. 18-20 to examine national politics and North Carolina’s role in some of the country’s most divisive issues.


Owen Appointed Director of Policy by New N.C. Governor

Jenni Owen

Jenni Owen, senior lecturer of public policy at Duke’s Sanford School, has been appointed Policy Director by North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper. She will serve in the office of the governor.


Healthcare in Rural India: What Doesn’t Work (Policy 360 Podcast)

healthcare in rural india

What happens when there are very high hopes for a particular policy idea, and then researchers conclude the results are not as promising as they once seemed? Are there lessons to be learned from this?


Giving Legislators a Raise Won’t Help Blue-Collar Workers Break into Politics, Study Finds

capitol hill

Contrary to popular belief, increasing politicians’ paychecks is not likely to encourage more working-class people to run for office, new research from Duke University finds.


The Battle Over Offshore Balancing (Policy 360 Podcast)

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Is the United States a country in inevitable decline, or are we a country in renewal? Should our foreign policy commitments include indefinite deployments of United States troops, or should we rely on our allies throughout the world to help maintain our interests?


Manoj Mohanan's Work Cited by Bill Gates

survey conducted with new mother in India

Assistant Professor Manoj Mohanan evaluated a promising health program in Gujarat in western India. The program paid private doctors to offer hospital births to poor women. The program was launched in early 2006 in five northern districts, and scaled out to the rest of the state by the end of 2007. By 2012, over 800 private-sector hospitals had participated and the program had helped pay for more than 800,000 deliveries. As a part of the evaluation, Mohanan's team collected data on birth histories and outcomes from 6,000 households in Gujarat.


She Fights Human Trafficking Worldwide (Policy 360 Podcast)

human trafficking

Susan Coppedge is the U.S. Ambassador-at-Large to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. Her office estimates there are 21 million victims of human trafficking worldwide. From sex trafficking to labor trafficking, many in the world are vulnerable. In this conversation with Sanford’s dean, Kelly Brownell, Coppedge talks about innovative ways in which her office is trying to combat the problem


7 Fears About Teens and Technology, Unwrapped

teens and tech art

It’s practically impossible to be an American teenager today without a phone. Kids use their phones for everything—and it often stresses out parents who worry their teens are spending too much time with their devices. Candice Odgers, Associate Director of the Center for Child & Family Policy, explored the validity of seven common fears parents have about teens and mobile devices. This is the latest episode of the Sanford podcast Ways & Means.


Women Foreign Leaders Visit Sanford School, Discuss Counter-Terrorism

Emerging leaders from Central and Southern Asian countries, all of them women, visited the Sanford School last week to learn about research on counter-terrorism and community policing to stop violent extremism. The 10 women leaders from seven countries included governmental, law enforcement, and nonprofit leaders from Afghanistan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Nepal and Pakistan.


#HumansOfDukeSanford: Onur Varoğlu, MIDP Candidate

I’m from Turkey, and I worked for the Minister of Finance there before coming to Sanford. It was a good job. It was a hard job, but hard is good. As a government official, you have to deal with difficult, unexpected situations.