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State of Durham County’s Young Children Unveiled in Comprehensive Report

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Durham, NC — Durham’s young children face a range of difficult challenges to thriving and learning, according to a report released today by a joint Durham County and Duke University task force.


Amazon Echo Plays A Role in Finding Political Truths (Podcast)

Amazon Echo

Recently, a team at the Duke Reporters Lab has been developing a fact-checking app for the Amazon Echo. Owners of the Echo can “ask the fact-checkers” about claims they hear on the news and social media.


Pre-Kindergarten Effects – What the Science Says

How well are we preparing young children to enter kindergarten ready to learn? Educators in K-12 school systems are faced with wide disparities in skill levels of entering kindergarteners, which means many children are already far behind many of their peers.


Sanford program puts military officers in the Duke classroom

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His first day as a Duke Fellow, COL Wes MacMullen took a seat in a Sanford School classroom, and after a few moments of silence had a nervous thought.


Elite “policy plutocrats” are playing an increasing role in remaking society.

Americans feel estranged and ideologically polarized, unable to address public problems or even to agree on what constitutes a public problem in the first place. These forces of disunity, afflicting elected officials and everyday voters alike, have created a political crisis that has become a crisis of governance.  Enter America’s billionaire philanthropists.


Rabbi Lord Sacks on Religion and Conflict in Modern World

“What are we to do at this hour?”, when the far right is rising in Britain and in Europe and anti-Semitism has re-emerged, Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks asked the audience at the Sanford School of Public Policy. “The Jewish truth, how to tell the human story, begins with the bad and ends with the good,” he said. “It is a narrative of hope. But, not every narrative works for all time,” he said.  


New Study Shows Why Some U.S. Immigrants Study Math Vs. Poetry

School Children

The future occupations of U.S. immigrant children are influenced by how similar their native language is to English, finds a new study by scholars at Duke University and the U.S. Naval Postgraduate School. “The more difficult it is for the child to learn English, the more likely they will invest in math/logic and physical skills over communications skills,” said co-author Marcos Rangel.


Flimflams, Scams and Ripoffs (Podcast)

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John Rusnak was a currency trader in Baltimore when he was convicted of one of the largest bank frauds in American history. He made some poor bets, and rather than telling his boss or others at the bank, he tried to cover the losses up.


Commander Of U.S. Southern Command Joins Gen. Dempsey On Stage At Duke

U.S. Navy Adm. Kurt W. Tidd, commander of the United States Southern Command, will join Gen. Martin Dempsey for a talk on “Current Challenges & Opportunities for the U.S. Military in the Caribbean, Central and South America.” The talk will take place at 6 p.m. Monday, March 27, in Fleishman Commons at Duke University’s Sanford School of Public Policy. Duke political science professor Peter Feaver will moderate the discussion, which is free and open to the public.


What WikiLeaks Reveals About Human Trafficking (Podcast)

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Across the globe more than 20 million people are victimized by human trafficking, the modern form of slavery. Judith Kelley has been digging in to the WikiLeaks documents to see whether ranking countries on how we


Alumna Profile: Health System CEO Reflects on Career as 'Unconventional Leader'

Nancy Schlichting

How do you save a hospital system? That’s the question Nancy Schlichting PPS ’76, had to answer when she took over as CEO of the Henry Ford Hospital and subsequently became system CEO. The Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System was losing millions, the city of Detroit was in decline, and employee morale was low. Schlichting and her team managed to turn the system around, bringing it to profitability by 2003.


Philip J. Cook: A Life of Scholarship on Bad Behavior

Colleagues and former students of Philip J. Cook, ITT/Sanford Professor of Public Policy and Professor of Economics and Sociology at Duke, will discuss Cook’s impact on “Crime and Public Safety” and “Valuing Life and Liberty” this spring.