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Portrait of Die-hard Sports Fans Yields Surprises

College basketball fans cheer.

New research by Charles Clotfelter, a professor of public policy, economics and law at Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy sheds light on ultra-loyal college sports fans. Only about a third of die-hard college sports fans are alumni of their teams’ universities, and another third never attended college at all.


Duke Basketball Player Amber Henson Reflects on Senior Night, Choosing Public Policy

Amber Henson with basketball.

Amber Henson is a key player for the Duke women's basketball team. On the heels of senior night, she reflected on her decision to attend Duke and choose public policy as a major.


In India, Children Receive Wrong Treatments for Deadly Ailments

Manoj Mohanan pilot tests data collection instruments with a healthcare provider in India. Picture by Ved Prakash Sharma.

Few health care providers in rural India know the correct treatments for childhood diarrhea and pneumonia – two leading killers of young children worldwide. But even when they do, they rarely prescribe them properly, according to a new Duke University study.


Terror Threat Assessment

A new report issued this week by the Triangle Center on Terrorism and Homeland Security shows that terrorist plots involving Muslim-Americans accounted for only a small fraction of the threats to public safety in the United States.


Durham Children's Data Center Aims to Improve Lives

Photo of collaborators.

Leaders seeking to improve the lives of Durham’s children are joining forces to create the Durham Children’s Data Center, a hub for research into vital policy and practice questions. Initial partners in the Data Center include Durham County, the Durham Public Schools and Duke University. 


EMS Workers Need Training in Reporting Child Abuse, Research Shows

As the first to respond when tragedy strikes, emergency medical services (EMS) workers can be critical witnesses to instances of child abuse and neglect. Yet many of North Carolina’s front-line medical workers are unaware of mandatory child abuse reporting laws or think such reports are someone else’s responsibility, says a newly published study by a recent Duke graduate.


Alumnus Profile: Jack Conway '91 Follows His Heart

Jack Conway '91, at the podium at a political rally

When Kentucky attorney general Jack Conway ’91 stepped behind the podium last March to announce he would no longer defend the state’s same-sex marriage ban, he was, in effect, walking onto the national stage. What caught the attention of hundreds of thousands of online viewers was the catch in Conway’s voice when he discussed the role his wife played in his decision.


Candice Odgers: Low-Income Boys Fare Worse in Wealth’s Shadow

A row of houses in an urban European city

Low-income boys fare worse, not better, when they grow up alongside more affluent neighbors, according to new findings from Duke University. In fact, the greater the economic gap between the boys and their neighbors, the worse the effects, says the new article based on 12 years of research.


Fact-Checking on the Rise Worldwide

Photo of Bill Adair Giving a Video Interview

The number of fact-checking websites around the world has grown by 45 percent since last year, with 64 such sites now active on six continents, says a new Duke University survey. The key challenge for fact-checkers is to find a sustainable business model, according to Sanford Professor Bill Adair. 


News Tip: Immigration Vote Part of ‘War By Other Means"

House Republicans are expected to vote this week on proposals to counter President Obama’s recent efforts at immigration reform. Noah Pickus, an associate research professor in the Sanford School of Public Policy and director of the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University, is available for comment.


Two Sanford Scholars Among Nation’s ‘Most Influential’ in Education


Three Duke faculty members were ranked among the most influential scholars in the nation’s dialogue on education in a list released by Education Week today.


News Tip: Experts Available to Comment on CIA Torture Report

Photo of US soldier on a rooftop

A U.S. Senate report released today examines the use of torture by the CIA. Duke faculty members David Schanzer and Charlie Dunlap Jr. are available for comment.