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Southern Poverty Law Center President to Speak at Duke

Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), will speak at Duke University Tuesday, Feb. 21, about the rise of hate groups.


An Uncommon Experience: A 'Staff Ride' In Vietnam

vietnam staff ride

For 10 days in early January, nearly 40 Duke undergraduate and graduate students, faculty members and alumni traced the path of the 1968 Tet Offensive through Vietnamnc 


Duke Team Writes Code for Interactive Script of PBS Documentary

snippet of the script from the Frontline documentary

A team from Duke is changing the way audiences interact with and share content from PBS’s Frontline documentaries. A new “interactive script” feature — which debuted with the Jan. 24 broadcast of “Trump’s Road to the White House”— allows users to take a deeper dive into issues raised in a story and more easily share excerpts on social media.


Alumna charts career path toward fighting human trafficking

Andrea Wilson

Andrea Wilson, MPP/MBA’12, knew what she wanted when she came to the Sanford School. She had developed an interest in combating human trafficking during her six years in finance and program development with nonprofit organizations in Washington state and wanted to make a career shift into the area. She applied to organizations in the field, but hit a snag—most required prior anti-trafficking experience. A dual master’s degree from Duke was the answer.


Duke in DC Program Adds Faculty, Focuses on Partisan Divide

capitol building with flag

The fifth year of the Duke in DC domestic study away program brings with it a renewed focus on bipartisanship and bridging the political divide. The undergraduate program began in 2013 under the direction of Kristin Goss, associate professor of public policy and political science. It has a pre-professional tilt, connecting classroom study to experiential learning oriented around policy innovation and public leadership. The 14 students participating this semester will be tasked with thinking about ways to lessen polarization and will present their ideas to a member of Congress, Goss said.


Center for Child and Family Policy Seeking New Director

Ken Dodge

The Duke Center for Child and Family Policy is searching for a new director. Kenneth A. Dodge, who founded the Center in 1999, will lead the Center until a new director is in place. The new director will also be a faculty member at Duke’s Sanford School of Public Policy.


Rabbi Jonathan Sacks To Speak At Duke On Religiously Motivated Violence

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, a religious leader, philosopher and author of more than 30 books, will deliver two public lectures at Duke University and meet with scholars, students and local clergy March 27-29.


Bootstraps and Silver Spoons (Ways & Means Podcast)

bootstrap cover ways & means

Most of us prize stories of people who start with nothing in life, and then become rich. Americans even have a saying for it: pulling yourself up by your bootstraps.  However, new economic research is revealing how wealth is actually built in there US and how difficult it is for some people to gain wealth, even when they do everything right.


Program Matches Sanford Grad Students with Alumni Mentors

Matt Arsenault was working as an energy policy analyst for the state of Florida, and wanted to shift into the environmental policy field. In order to make that career pivot, he decided to pursue a master’s degree in public policy at Duke’s Sanford School. He expected to grow intellectually, acquire new practical skills, and expand his professional networks. But gain a mentor? That wasn’t really on his radar.


Trump Presidency Will Accelerate Decline of ‘Liberal International Order’, Expert Says

President Trump’s nationalistic “America First” approach has left many wondering how his foreign policy will affect the United States. At the Sanford School on Feb. 1, Professor Peter Feaver sat down with Paul Miller, former Director of Afghanistan and Pakistan on the National Security Council, to hear his perspective.


One Way To Fight Terrorism (Policy 360 Podcast)


Last week, President Donald Trump signed a controversial executive action related to immigration. The action implements a number of changes to our current policies: refugees won't be admitted to the United States for 120 days, for example.


Alum leverages policy degree to help get medical products to patients in need

charles matthews

Amid a changing health policy landscape, Charles Mathews MPP’04, sees his Sanford degree as a critical tool. Mathews, a vice president at Boston Healthcare Associates (BHA), has a niche role in the industry: helping companies figure out how to show the value of new technologies to payers (insurance companies) so they will pay for them.  In particular he focuses on new medical laboratory tests.