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Bermeo Receives Keohane Award for Best Article

September 5, 2017

Sarah Bermeo, assistant professor of public policy and political science, is the winner of the Robert O. Keohane award for best article published in the journal International Organization in 2016.  She receives the award for her article “Aid is Not Oil: Donor Utility, Heterogeneous Aid, and the Aid-Democratization Relationship” in the Winter 2016 issue.  The article examines the relationship between foreign aid and political change in authoritarian regimes, finding that the relationship has changed in a positive direction over time, especially after the end of the Cold War.  A shorter version of the article was published at the Future Development website edited by Indermit Gill.

The Keohane award is given annually to a junior scholar and includes a $500 cash prize.  Robert O. Keohane was a former editor of the journal and president of the International Studies Association.  He is currently a professor of political science at Princeton’s Woodrow Wilson School, and previously was James B. Duke professor of political science.