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Alumni Notes Archive


Ipchita Bharali is now an Associate in Research at the Duke Global Health Institute in Durham, North Carolina.

MIDP   2016   news added September 2016

Ipchita Bharali is starting as the new Policy Analyst for the Center for Policy Impact in Global Health. 

MIDP   2016   news added June 2017

Patricio Borgono is now working with Matrix Consulting, a firm that works with both the public and private sectors in Chile. In addition, he and his wife welcomed a son, Pedro, born in August.

MIDP   2016   news added October 2016

Jennifer Ganapathy was recently profiled by Duke Innovation & Entrepreneurship for her work starting Global Concerns Leadership, a nonprofit works with women in India to help them overcome challenges and become leaders in their communities. She is currently the organization's director of international development programming. 

MPP   2016   news added February 2017

Jennifer Kunz and her husband Shreshth Mawandia welcomed a baby boy into the world on March 11, 2017. Congratulations!

MIDP   2016   news added April 2017

Elohim Monard is now a Technical Advisor for Barrio Seguro (Safe Neighborhood) in the Interior Ministry of Peru.

MIDP   2016   news added October 2016

Meirzhan Myrzaliyev has just been appointed to the position of Special Deputy Governor of the Kostanay region of Kazakhstan. He will be working to attract increased foreign and domestic investments to the region as well as to develop opportunities for smart industrial growth, small business development and eco/history focused tourism.

MIDP   2016   news added January 2017

Michael Pelle won the Ole Holsti Prize, the Duke University Libraries award for excellence in undergraduate research using primary sources for political science or public policy. He received the award and the $1,000 cash prize for the best undergraduate thesis written for Graduation with Distinction.

PPS   2016   news added January 2017

Nan Sandi will be working as a Country Economist for International Growth Centre (IGC) in Myanmar. Nan will focus on public financial management (PFM) and impact evaluation of conditional cash transfer program in order to support the government of Myanmar. 

MIDP   2016   news added June 2017

Lucy Sorenson PhD '16 won the dissertation award from the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA) for her dissertation titled, "Can a Broader Education Narrow the Gap? Evidence on Non-Academic Features of Schooling."

PhD   2016   news added March 2017