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Wednesday, January 31 2018

3:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Elliott Campbell and Rachel Marks from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will discuss the DNR's new online tool for ecosystem service quantification in a webinar on 3-4 p.m. ET Wednesday, January 31.

The tool, which will be housed on the Greenprint web mapper, displays...

4:30 pm to 6:00 pm

Join Professor Joel Fleishman and the President of the Revson Foundation - Julie Sandorf - for a discussion of the role of philanthropy in reviving local journalism initiatives. The Charles H. Revson Foundation is based in New York City and supports programs focused on urban affairs, medical...

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Ben Ferencz (last living prosecutor from Nuremberg): "NUREMBERG TRIALS: Its Impact on International Jurisprudence And Contemporary Human Atrocities." Ferencz comes to Duke for a dialogue with his son, renowned international lawyer, Don Ferencz, and Dean of Case Western School of Law, Michael...