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#HumansOfDukeSanford: Lee Anne Jillings, PPS '88

November 21, 2016

This is the eighth #HumansOfDukeSanford story of the semester. One story will be published weekly this fall. 

Alumna Lee Anne Jilling outside Sanford building

"Charlie Clotfelter’s class was incredibly impactful and memorable. I’ve always been incredibly interested in public policy and human issues, and his class really brought those two together, from the role of the nonprofit in serving communities and needs that the federal systems wouldn’t support and private sector wouldn’t support. When I was at OSHA, after four years, I took a big risk and left to a startup nonprofit dealing with worker safety and health issues, and it was through inspiration from that class that it all fit together. To this day, I look back on that class as being one of the more impactful ones.

I have my books from that class still. I remember the final exam question about the role of nonprofits in charitable giving. At the time, Michael Jackson’s song Man In The Mirror was one we talked about, and the role of different demographic and giving trends, and how his stepping out was very influential in encouraging multiple demographics to give. It was really impactful from the idea of nonprofit and fundraising and development.

I feel like I’ve used my degree every day."—Lee Anne Jillings, PPS' 88, Deputy Director, Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management, OSHA