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Books by Sanford Faculty Published in 2018

January 26, 2018

A new year brings new books! Sanford faculty members have been busy writing and several of their books are either out already or coming soon. Check out some of their works below with more to be added as they are published:

Citizens by Degree: Higher education Policy and the Changing Gender Dynamics of American Citizenship Citizens by Degree book cover
Deondra Rose
Oxford University Press, February 8, 2018

U.S. women now earn college degrees at higher rates than men. Since the 1960s, they have gained greater economic independence and political power. What explains this? Deondra Rose examines how legislation, such as the Higher Education Act of 1965, drove women’s progress toward equality for the last half-century. 

Educational Goods book coverEducational Goods: Values, Evidence, and Decision-Making
Susanna Loeb, Helen F. Ladd, Harry Brighouse, Adam Swift
University of Chicago Press, January 24, 2018, ISBN 022-6-51417-X

We spend a lot of time arguing about how schools might be improved. But we rarely take a step back to ask what we as a society should be looking for from education—what exactly should those who make decisions be trying to achieve? In this book, Ladd—joined by two philosophers and another social scientist—tackle those questions.


Targeted Development: Industrialized Country Strategy in a Globalizing WorldTargeted Development book cover
Sarah Bermeo 
Oxford University Press, January 15, 2018, ISBN 0190851821

In this time of rapid globalization, the world's wealthiest nations have found it increasingly difficult to insulate themselves from the residual impacts associated with underdevelopment abroad. Many of the ills associated with, and exacerbated by, underdevelopment cannot be confined within national borders. Sarah Blodgett Bermeo shows how wealthy states have responded to this problem by transforming the very nature of development policy.