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History Electives

Note that not all history courses at Duke satisfy the Public Policy Major's history elective requirement. These current courses do:

Fall 2017 History Electives

PUBPOL 187FS.01/HIST 127FS.01: Globalization and Corporate Citizenship - Philipsen, Dirk

PUBPOL 206.01/HIST 376.01: US Foreign Policy II: From Vietnam to Present - Kuniholm, Bruce

PUBPOL 220.01/HIST 352.01: Immigrant Dreams US Realities - Peck, Gunther

PUBPOL 284.01/HIST 325.01: Denial, Faith, Reason - Philipsen, Dirk

PUBPOL 290.01 What’s Up Durham - Korstad, Bob

PUBPOL 326S.01/HIST 396S.01: Racial Justice in the 20th Century US & South Africa - Shapiro, Karin

PUBPOL 327S.01/HIST 386S.01: Apartheid South Africa and the Struggles for Democracy - Shapiro, Karin

PUBPOL 346S.01/HIST 389S.01: Family Rights/Human Rights - Deutsch, Sarah

HIST 130D.001: American Dreams American Realities - Wilson, Gerald

HIST 279.01: Modern Terrorism - Miller, Martin

HIST 286.01: Europe in Twentieth Century - Chappel, James

HIST 299.01: Women in Popular Culture - Edwards, Laura

HIST 328.01: Global Brazil - French, John

HIST 343.01: The History of Modern America - MacLean, Nancy

HIST 348.01: Civil Rights Movement Lentz-Smith, Adriane

HIST 390S.01: Research in Human Rights - Deutsch, Sarah

HIST 402.01: History of Global Health - Humphreys, Margaret

HIST 470S.01: CAP SEM: Leadership in American History - Wilson, Gerald

HIST 476S.01: CAP SEM: American Militarism - Bonker, Drik

Spring 2017 History Electives

PUBPOL 205.01/HIST 375.01: United States Foreign Policy I: From World War II to Vietnam War- Kuniholm, Bruce

PUBPOL 236.01/HIST 201.011: Globalization and History- Zanalda, Giovanni

PUBPOL 278.01/HIST 345.01: North American Environmental History- Peck, Gunther

PUBPOL 248S.01/HIST 238S.01: History of Political Nonviolence- Miller, Martin

PUBPOL 344.01/HIST 344.01: History of U.S. Social Movements- MacLean, Nancy

HIST 129.01: Introduction to African Studies –Shapiro, Karin

HIST 130D.001: American Dream American Realities- Wilson, Gerald

HIST 166S.01: Gateway Seminar: Anarchism- Miller, Martin

HIST 305.01: History of International Financial and Monetary Crises- Zanalda, Giovanni

HIST 390S.01: Politics of Respectability- Lentz-Smith, Adriane

HIST 390S.02: Civil Rights Movement- Chafe, William

HIST 390S.03: What Might Have Been- Chafe, William

HIST 470S.01: Capstone Seminar: Leadership in American History- Wilson, Gerald