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Consulting Internship With Local NGO

Through the long-standing research collaborations of Duke University professors and local NGOs, the program has developed robust relationships with NGOs throughout the region.  These NGOs have agreed to take-on a team of students from our program each summer who act as consultants to their organization. 

The students work with a mentor from their NGO, village leaders and stakeholders, government officials, and program faculty to create their project proposal.  The program places a heavy influence on community-driven project proposals with sustainable scopes. Each student team presents their project proposal to their NGO at the end of the program, and the NGO chooses if they will move forward with the plan. 

After students are admitted to the program, they work with program staff to preference their top NGOs for the internship component of the program.  The program will then match students with an NGO and student team.

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  • India hydroponics project

    A Sample Local Project

    Adi Pradana worked closely with the NGO Gandhi Manav Kalyan Society during his time in the program in India. For example, he met with residents of a local village for a project related to new techniques and equipment used in hydroponics farming. Adi received his Master of Public Policy in 2016 from the Sanford School.

    [Photo credit: Adi Pradana]

Past NGO placements include:

(A more complete list of participant NGOs will be available before the start of the program.)

Duke University Masters of Public Policy Internship Credit

Sanford School of Public Policy MPP students are required to complete an internship during their degree program.  Completion of the India Summer School Program counts towards this credit requirement, but will also require students to complete one of the following:

  1. Funding Plan Project for local NGO: Work with one of our program's partner NGOs and develop a fundraising plan for a specific program.  This option may involve students arranging meetings with funders in New Delhi or Washington D.C.  Professor Anirudh Krishna and the host NGO will provide guidance on the students' projects.
  2. Extended Internship with Host NGO: Add an additional 3-week internship on to your summer program and continue working with your assigned NGO.  Your extended internship may involve conducting research, synthesizing data, writing reports, and more.
  3. Domestic Internship Placement from Mid-May through Mid-June: Work with Sanford's Career Services Office to identify a short-term internship placement with a U.S. based organization, business, or agency. 

Students are responsible for their own costs related to accommodation, food, and travel after the 6-week Summer School Program is complete.  Please contact the program manager, Sarah Burrichter, for more information on each option.