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Public Policy PhD Job Market Candidates

​Puneet Chehal

​Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Market-based Medicaid Managed Care Programs, Hospital Choice and Quality Hospitals

Fields: Health Economics, Applied Micro

References: Frank Sloan, Peter Ubel, Galina Hale, Donna Gilleskie

Andrew Heiss

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Amicable Contempt: The Strategic Balance between Dictators and International NGOs 

Fields: International Relations, Political Institutions, Nonprofit Management, Global Governance

References: Judith Kelley, Timur Kuran, Tana Johnson, Eva Witesman (Brigham Young University)

Zoelene Hill

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Understanding Parents’ Decision-Making When Choosing to Enroll or Not Enroll in Public Preschool

Fields: early childhood education, family and school connection, social stratification

References: Anna Gassman-PinesWilliam Darity, Jr.; Angel Harris

Ying Shi

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Essays in the Economics of Education

Fields: Economics of Education, Labor Economics, Applied Microeconomics

References: Seth Sanders, Charlie Clotfelter, Peter Arcidiacono, V. Joseph Hotz, Jacob Vigdor

Danielle Vance-McMullen

Curriculum Vitae / Website / E-mail

Dissertation: Nonprofit Market Structure and Its Consequences

Fields: Applied Microeconomics, Industrial Organization, Nonprofit Organizations, Philanthropic Giving

References: Charlie Clotfelter, Kristin Goss, Matthew Harding, Rachel Kranton